What’s Going On in Hunt County – Monday, January 12, 2015

Good Evening Ladies and Gentlemen!  How was your weekend?

My sincerest apologies for not keeping up with the Blotter over the weekend.  My two-year-old daughter has been dealing with a cold and an ear infection – but, she is on the mend and we hope that she will be back to her old self again by the end of the week.

That aside, here are the headlines:

  • Greenville Train Derailment – JR’s Crane and Excavation lifted two tankers and one flat-bed train car from tracks between the Audie Murphy Memorial Overpass and Bois D’Arc Street in Greenville this morning at around 9:00 a.m. after it derailed off the tracks.
  • Face of Commerce ISD Retires – Betty Brown, the front-office administrative assistant at Commerce ISD’s Central Office, located inside the former A. C. Williams Intermediate campus on Charity Road, is retiring after 10 years with the district.  She has been referred to as the “Face of Commerce ISD” for her knowledge about anything and everything related to the district.  She will be missed by the entire Commerce community, but… she will have extra time to do the things she loves to do.  Good luck, Ms. Brown – and Godspeed!
  • Soldier Seeking Pardon – Former Lt. Clint Lorance is seeking a pardon from President Obama.  Lorance is currently serving a 19-year term at Fort Leavenworth in Kansas.  There is a petition on the White House’s Official Site.
  • Walmart Robbery Suspect Arriagned – Christopher Wayne Pressley Hinnenkamp of Hays County has been arraigned on charges of aggravated robbery after a hold-up at the Greenville Walmart SuperCenter on October 27.  He held up the Hillsboro Walmart in the same manner the following day.  Currently, he is in the Hill County jail.  He is also accused of a similar robbery in Le Mars, Iowa, on August 28.
  • Restraining Order Filed on L-3 Attacker – A restraining order has been filed against Gavino Silva Zertuche, Jr., age 46, of Rockwall, after his ram-through attack on L-3 Communications.  Representatives of the company say that he has committed treason.  Violation of such an order can result in a misdemeanor charge on the first violation; and, if he violates this order, he can be held in jail without bail as long as the judge determines that he poses a threat to the victim(s) – in this case, being L-3 Communications.
  • Attorney Appointed for Child Murder Suspect – Under the Miranda Warning, “if you cannot afford (an attorney), one will be appointed by the court”.  Such is the case for Kaylon Laray Sephus, 24, of Celeste.  Sephus is accused in the murder of Aliah Christine Walker, 3, of Celeste.
  • SCREWED! – A touchdown pass from Tony Romo to Dez Bryant was ruled incomplete by referees; and the Green Bay Packers go on to beat the Dallas Cowboys, 26-21.  Cowboys Nation is obviously upset – and peeved.  In my personal opinion, Dez definitely held on to the ball.
  • City Council Meeting Tomorrow in Greenville – The Greenville City Council will be meeting tomorrow from 5:00 p.m to 8:00 p.m.  The first meeting will be a workshop to discuss the impact the ongoing drought has had on Lake Tawakoni, which is still lower than normal.  The Council seeks to explore short-range, mid-range, and long-range options for managing water intake from Lake Tawakoni.

    Among issues being discussed at tomorrow’s meeting:

    • Mayor Steve Reid has proposed a 1-year moratorium on impact fees.  These fees help pay for the impacts made by construction and development, including water, wastewater, and roadway improvements.  Mayor Reid has mentioned that the impact fees impede growth and hinders the interest of the developers as those fees are more costly than other building and development fees.  If passed, it will provide an incentive for businesses to locate their business in Greenville by giving them a big break on rising costs.
    • A proposition has been submitted involving a policy change at W. Walworth Harrison Library.  If passed, minors under the age of 12 must be accompanied by someone 13 years or older.  If the caretaker is between the ages of 13 and 18, they cannot have more than 3 minors at one time.  Safety is the top concern for everyone involved, and library management wants to provide a safer experience for patrons who use the facility.
    • Another issue is zoning on a piece of property on Traders Road, adjacent to Walmart.  A senior living facility proposed for the property never materialized; and Steve Anderson managed to acquire the facility in foreclosure.  He says that the original zoning classification of Commercial suits the property better than the existing Multi-Family 1.
    • Finally, the issue of water woes at the Town and Country Estates will be addressed.  Obsolete and undersized water mains have been the source of breaks, leaks, and service interruptions to the small community on the extreme southern tip of Greenville.  If passed, 900 linear feet of 2-foot PVC pipe will be replaced by an equal number of 6-foot PVC pipe on San Vincente Blvd., from 100 feet west of Hayter to 125 feet south of Jeri Lane.  In addition, 1100 linear feet of 2-foot PVC pipe will also be replaced with 6-foot PVC pipe on Jeri Lane from Fulton Street to Bethel Road.

That’s all for now.  Have a great night, everyone!