What’s Going On in Hunt County – Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Good Evening Everyone!  I see things have been slow most everywhere in Hunt County – well, except for one place – Burger King!

From all the stuff I’ve seen on Facebook, the place was packed.  Some people said they felt for the people who had to work there, while others complained about waiting an hour and a half for their taste of a flame-broiled Whopper.  Others were comparing this location to the previous location, at 5006 Wesley and Joe Ramsey (now Smiley Dental) and said the same problems that caused that location to close would cause this one to close as well (I highly doubt that myself), but anyway – MOST people were glad NOT to drive to Rockwall or Sulphur Springs.

A group has plans to call for the introduction of a bill in the 84th Texas Legislature to create the Collin-Hunt Municipal Utility District (MUD) in advance of planning a major subdivision on 776 acres on the Hunt/Collin County line, near Josephine.  It appears that members of D. R. Horton’s family (yes, THAT D. R. Horton) are looking to build a complex of single-family houses out there.

In “dumb idiot from Quinlan” news, Bobby Joe Evens is seeking to represent himself in an upcoming trial.  He has multiple charges pending, from abandoning/endangering a child – criminal negligence – to operating a drug ring out of the Hunt County Jail, at which he currently sits.  He has pleaded not guilty to both charges – and he also has federal charges pending, the status of which is unknown as of Tuesday.

Finally, jury selection has begun in the trial of the Aurora, Colorado, “Dark Knight” shooter, James Holmes.  Holmes is accused of the murders of 12 people in a shooting at a movie theater in Aurora, including Rebecca “Becky” Hernandez Wingo, a 1997 graduate of Ford High School in Quinlan (back when they were using the current Thompson Middle School campus as the high school).  Wingo went straight to the Air Force after graduation, being stationed for two years in Hawaii before being reassigned to Aurora.  She still had family here in Hunt County at the time of the murder.

Before I forget, I’m looking for your horror stories involving Internet service with Tier One Converged Networks and Argon Technologies.  You can reach me at shenderson1981@gmail.com or fill out the contact form.  I would appreciate your input, as I myself have used Argon Tech before and am currently using Tier One – and have had nothing but problems out of both of them.

That’s all for now.  Hope y’all have a great night!