Weird and Wacky News Stories…

Good Wednesday Afternoon Everyone!  Did ANY of you go to the new Neighborhood Market on Wesley today?

Here is a compilation of some of the goofiest things I’ve seen while trolling through Facebook today.

They shouldn’t give Fido a license…

So, in a feeble attempt to protect his Yorkshire Terrier from a big, gigantic German Shepherd, a man from Ellsworth, Maine, decided to put his beloved pooch in his nice, 2010 GMC Sierra Pickup Truck.  Unfortunately, the Yorkie threw the truck in neutral; and what happened next had the markings of a bad comedy.  The pooch ended up driving the truck in an adjacent lake.

Thanks to the quick action of a nearby neighbor, though, the pooch was rescued and remained unscathed.  As for the truck, however, that’s another story.

Ana Maria Polo shouts, “He Dicho!  Caso Cerrado!” while Reba McEntire explains, “You Moron!”

In one very memorable moment from a 2010 episode of Judge Judy – which has suddenly been making the rounds on social media – the plaintiff is suing the defendant because he stole her purse.  When the plaintiff gave her testimony, she went through the entire contents of her purse from a list.  Whereupon the defendant had to open his big, fat mouth and said that the earpiece, which she said was among the contents of the purse, wasn’t there at all.  Judge Judy immediately ruled in favor of the plaintiff.

Most Bizarre Family Feud Answer Yet!

This vid speaks for itself.

I will check in again soon.