Good News, Bad News, and A Quest For Ideas…

Ladies and Gentlemen, I have good news and bad news…

First the bad news.  There has been a lot of stuff happening in the last few weeks.  Not only are all my electronic devices falling apart at the seams, but everyone in my family is getting sick and injured.  To make things worse, I am running out of resources to gather news.  So, unfortunately, I will no longer be able to devote this blog to news-related items.

Fortunately for me – and for you – it has been said that great minds think alike.  I happen to think some great minds picked up my idea and, fortunately, had more capital and more know-how to make things work.  Thus, Hunt County News was born.  I welcome all of you to visit their website and check it out.  Oh, and if you have a news tip, please let them know!

I do want to continue this blog; however, since news is out of the realm of possibilities, I’m looking for other ideas in moving forward.  Sheila says I should do trivia; however, I don’t think it would work out very well or last very long.  I want to do a lifestyle and entertainment blog; but the truth of the matter is that life in Hunt County is neither entertaining nor makes for a picture-perfect lifestyle.  Or, does it?

Either way, I would like for you to give me YOUR ideas as to what I should do in order to continue this blog.  I want to continue at some capacity or another; and I do want to make this one of the most visited websites in Hunt County, Texas.

If you have any ideas, feel free to shoot them out via e-mail or Facebook comment/message.

Thank you and good night!

Spencer Henderson, Jr.


Headlines – Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Good Evening Ladies and Gents!

Sorry I haven’t been able to keep up with this blog.  My life has been so disorganized lately, it isn’t funny.  With a little bit of help from my longtime girlfriend, Sheila, I shall get this site back on track and keep it updated more frequently.  Stay tuned for more information…

Flag Flying From Vehicle Fodder For Fail Forums

So, the big controversy going on in Caddo Mills revolves around a student who didn’t have his/her American Flag secured tightly enough on his/her personal vehicle, and it has led to a major stink in social media.  In fact, it got almost every student on the Caddo Mills High School campus who had a motor vehicle to proudly wave the red, white and blue in protest.  The new principal, Jana Everett, is trying to reassure her students that she would never ban them from proudly displaying the U. S. Flag, saying that, on Friday morning, she will greet students with flyers containing information about proper flag-flying techniques.

Kimber’s Movin’ On, She’ll Soon Be Gone…

It is with a heavy heart that I report that Kimber Patterson, the Parks and Recreation Director for the City of Greenville, will be leaving on June 12th.  While she says she’s proud of all she’s accomplished while serving in the post, the next chapter of her life is about to begin and she’s looking for another exciting challenge.  The search has already begun for Patterson’s replacement.  The city is looking for someone who will be responsible for the planning, organizing, directing, and controlling for all activities of the Parks and Rec Department.  In addition, the ideal candidate will also provide general supervision to the Parks, Recreation, Cemetery, Golf Course, and Municipal Pool divisions and staff, as well as manage budgetary and fiscal matters and develop and implement the parks and rec master plan.

Whoa, whoa, WHOA-A-A-A-A-A-H!

The trial of Joshua Newkirk, who has pleaded not guilty to the charge of murdering Joshua Gerber on Valentine’s Day, 2014, which was scheduled for Monday, has been set back until the end of August, with jury selection scheduled for August 24.  The reason being is that Newkirk is filing a motion to seek probation if he is found guilty of murder, as he has never been convicted of a felony.  27 witnesses were subpoenaed to testify; and Newkirk remains at the Hunt County Jail on an $800,000 bond on the murder charge and a $25,000 bond on an unrelated charge of terroristic threat causing fear of imminent serious bodily injury.  What allegedly happened was that Newkirk shot Gerber three times with a .25 caliber pistol after a fight broke out over a girl at a Caddo Mills house.

Summer Bookworms Club Meeting Commences!

The W. Walworth Harrison Library in Greenville is hosting the “Super Summer Reading Kick-Off” event Saturday afternoon, with registration for the summer reading program starting at 10:00 a.m.  Included in the day’s activities are face-painting, a super hero photo stand, balloon twisting with Soda Pop McBop, a concert by David Chicken, a video game truck for teens only, the movie “The Giver” for the young adult Super Saturday Matinee starting at 1:00 p.m., and the movie “The Hundred Foot Journey” for the adult Super Saturday Matinee, starting at 3:30 p.m.  The library’s reading program will continue for 8 weeks, and you can call (903) 457-2992 for more information.

Meanwhile, registration begins June 8 for the Commerce Public Library’s summer reading program.  This year’s theme, similar to Greenville’s, is “Every Hero Has a Story”.  There will be a puppet show on Wednesday, June 10; and from there, activities will be held every Wednesday during the summer months at Commerce Elementary, 2900 FM 3218, from 10:30 to Noon.  For more information, you can call (903) 886-6858 or go to their website at

Finally, For All You Fine Arts Collectors…

This weekend at the Audie Murphy American Cotton Museum is the Cotton Boll ArtFest.  The show is scheduled from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Saturday and 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. on Sunday and only costs $4 to get in, with children 12 and under admitted free.  Among the items included will be a variety of hand-made items such as pottery, jewelry, paintings, fused glass, mosaic tile art, quilts, clothing, candles, soaps and more.  In addition, the art department at Texas A&M University-Commerce is also sponsoring a Kids’ Korner, with hands-on activities for children.  A $1-off coupon for admission is available at their website, and you can call (903) 450-4052 or go to the website at

That’s all for now. I will try to be back tomorrow night.

RAW VIDEO – Controversy in the Sheriff’s Department

Here’s video footage of the incident which is circulating around social media – and has everybody fuming at the Hunt County Sheriff’s Office:

The Blotter Will Be Back Next Week!

Ladies and Gentlemen, I am happy to announce that the Hunt County Web Blotter will be back beginning this Monday.  My lovely partner, Sheila, just bought me a new tablet; so, now, updating the Blotter will be much easier.

Not only will I keep you all up to date on the day’s top stories;  I will also post breaking news, as well as items of interest.

Any ideas?  Don’t be afraid to let me know!

Have a great day!


What’s Going On in Hunt County – Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Good Evening Everyone!  I see things have been slow most everywhere in Hunt County – well, except for one place – Burger King!

From all the stuff I’ve seen on Facebook, the place was packed.  Some people said they felt for the people who had to work there, while others complained about waiting an hour and a half for their taste of a flame-broiled Whopper.  Others were comparing this location to the previous location, at 5006 Wesley and Joe Ramsey (now Smiley Dental) and said the same problems that caused that location to close would cause this one to close as well (I highly doubt that myself), but anyway – MOST people were glad NOT to drive to Rockwall or Sulphur Springs.

A group has plans to call for the introduction of a bill in the 84th Texas Legislature to create the Collin-Hunt Municipal Utility District (MUD) in advance of planning a major subdivision on 776 acres on the Hunt/Collin County line, near Josephine.  It appears that members of D. R. Horton’s family (yes, THAT D. R. Horton) are looking to build a complex of single-family houses out there.

In “dumb idiot from Quinlan” news, Bobby Joe Evens is seeking to represent himself in an upcoming trial.  He has multiple charges pending, from abandoning/endangering a child – criminal negligence – to operating a drug ring out of the Hunt County Jail, at which he currently sits.  He has pleaded not guilty to both charges – and he also has federal charges pending, the status of which is unknown as of Tuesday.

Finally, jury selection has begun in the trial of the Aurora, Colorado, “Dark Knight” shooter, James Holmes.  Holmes is accused of the murders of 12 people in a shooting at a movie theater in Aurora, including Rebecca “Becky” Hernandez Wingo, a 1997 graduate of Ford High School in Quinlan (back when they were using the current Thompson Middle School campus as the high school).  Wingo went straight to the Air Force after graduation, being stationed for two years in Hawaii before being reassigned to Aurora.  She still had family here in Hunt County at the time of the murder.

Before I forget, I’m looking for your horror stories involving Internet service with Tier One Converged Networks and Argon Technologies.  You can reach me at or fill out the contact form.  I would appreciate your input, as I myself have used Argon Tech before and am currently using Tier One – and have had nothing but problems out of both of them.

That’s all for now.  Hope y’all have a great night!

What’s Going On in Hunt County – Monday, January 19, 2015

Hi, everyone!  How’s your Monday going?

There’s certainly excitement in the air as Burger King prepares to open its new facility at 7315 Interstate 30 in Greenville tomorrow morning at 10:00 a.m.  The previous facility, at 5006 Wesley (where Smiley Dental and Orthodonics is) closed in 2005; and, since then, people have had to drive outside of the county for their Triple Whopper fix.  With the opening of the new BK, people can “Have it Their Way” without having to leave Hunt County.

Dan Perkins, current Greenville City Councilman (Place 1) and local attorney, has thrown his hat in the ring in the Greenville Mayoral Election this coming May 9th.  He is opposed by David Dreiling, who announced his candidacy last week.

Here’s a reminder that Girl Scout Cookies are available as of last Friday, the 16th.  In addition to the popular Thin Mints, Trefoils, Tag-A-Longs, Samoas, and Do-Si-Dos, there are two new varieties – Rah-Rah Raisins and gluten-free Toffee-tastic.

That’s all for now.  Good night!

What’s Going On in Hunt County – Friday, January 16, 2015

Good Friday Evening Everyone!  How are y’all?

A word of caution – we’re experiencing intermittent outages and slow, sluggish speeds as a result of the internet connection here at my house.  Please bear with us this weekend.

Well, the May elections have gotten off to a quick start as the first candidate for Mayor of Greenville has filed his intent to seek election to the post Thursday afternoon.  David Dreiling served 6 years on the Greenville Electric Utility System Board of Trustees, 4 of which were as chairman.  He is only one of two people from Greenville serving on the Texas Municipal Power Association Board of Director.  He has also served on or chaired several other boards, including some at his church, Wesley United Methodist.  He retired from L-3 Communications in 2006 after 20 years with the company.  Prior to that, he served in the U. S. Navy for 24 years, first as a recruit and later as an officer.

A State District Judge has issued a permanent injunction against Gavino Silva Zertuche, Jr., 46, of Rockwall, which prevents him from coming near L-3 Communications – owned or operated facilities in Greenville and Rockwall.  Zertuche struck his pickup into the front gates of L-3 Communications back in December.

In weird news, an 18-wheeler driving the wrong way on a one-way street has managed to destroy a planter in front of the Chop Shop Karate facility at Lee and Wesley.

Also, five people were arrested for drug possession.  Rounding out the list of those people, all receiving counts of Manufacturing or Delivery of a Controlled Substance, Penalty Group 1, are:

  • Juan Ruiz Lerma, 64, 4 counts at $20,000 bond per count.
  • Robbie Wayne McDaniel, 28, 1 count, $7,500 bond.
  • Kendal Laray Moore, 47, 1 count, $7,500 bond.
  • Wanda Kay Moore, 46, 1 count, $20,000 bond.
  • Erika Renise DeLeon, 44, 2 counts, $20,000 bond per count.

All were residents of Greenville.

Gabriela Ortiz of Campbell, who is accused in the 2011 murder of 2-year-old Brandon Hererra, was supposed to undergo the first of at least 3 pretrial hearings this morning.  A trial date has not been announced yet, but more hearings are scheduled in February.  Ortiz is facing 3 counts and has pleaded not guilty on all three counts.  If convicted, prosecutors are seeking the death penalty.

Corey Dominic Heath, 23, died from multiple gunshot woulds in a shooting on Tuesday in Commerce at the Lamplight Lodge Apartments.  He had intended to steal money and drugs from the residents inside the unit where he was shot down.  His accomplice is still on the loose; and Commerce Police Department has yet to confirm his identity.  If you have any information, please call Commerce Police at (903) 886-1100.

Finally, mark your calendars for February 7th if you want to take your little girl to the Daddy/Daughter Dance held every year at the Northeast Texas Children’s Museum.  Tickets purchased from now until January 23rd are $30 for child and escort.  Between January 23rd and February 6th, these prices increase to $35; and they increase to $40 the day of the event.  Additional daughters will cost $10 each.

That’s all for now.  Have a great weekend!